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Oh Shazbot!
Oh Shazbot!
"We will bury you."
Nikita Khrushchev
August 05, 2006 - 12:53:52
Sorry about the delay in this entry, this has been an amazing week. Blah blah blah, seen Clerks 2 a total of four times now. I was actually gonna go out last night and see it with Melinda, but she didn't get out of work until too late. Oh well, shit happens. It's not like the night ended up being a waste.

So Wednesday I went way out to Lancaster to help Melinda shop for a suit for her interview along with her best friend and his girlfriend. I never would have thought it possible, but it is possible to have an entire conversation of Family Guy quotes. Hell, the entire time out there was like a giant quote-a-thon, not like it's a bad thing. Think I may have offended some Menonites, but oh well. Definately a fun night, which resulted in me only getthing 3 hours of sleep. Not that I'm complaining, it was soooo worth it, and that's in spite of the following morning at work. I come in, I find out that I have Rich, the manager in training, following me during my shift. Okay, that's fine, I've had people follow me all the time... then I find out that not one, but two server trainees are following me. Now what the fuck?! It's hard enough having 2 followers with 2 expos, let alone 3/1. Worse yet, it was a damn busy morning. We actually hit a real wait (not to be confused with a controlled wait) in the morning. But yeah, I think I know who scheduled the two server trainees on the same morning and she's gonna hear about what a STUPID THING TO DO it is when I see her. Afterward I headed to Paragon, got 2 hours in there and more or less finished up the Goepp Street drawings, so I have the next few days off from there. Which is a good thing too, so I got to sleep in yesterday, though I probably overdid it a bit with 14 hours.

So, I'm gonna get going, but I'm gonna stick with what I normally do and end with a Cyanide & Happiness comic that if I don't show you guys now, you'll end up showing to me when you see it. Peace Out Side!

July 23, 2006 - 01:16:52
So I just got back from Clerks 2 and I must say that I loved it. Oh my god, it was amazingly awesome. This is the first time I've been giddy about a movie in a long time (not to say that I haven't been giddy about anything, but that's a whole 'nother story). I can't wait until work tomorrow 'cause I really wanna talk about how good it was with Melinda, Amanda, and Jennifer because I know they're big View Askew fans too. Oh, so good! I'm probably gonna do with this what I did with waiting. This is, I'm going to probably try and see it 2 more time this weeks. Definately gotta go again with Bobert and maybe try once again with one of the prior mentioned so we can try to find more View Askew relations, etc. But this is such a sweet movie.

And there were awesome trailers too. Well, 2 of them were, 1 sucks, and 1 I don't remember. August may very well be the best month for movies this year. There's Snakes on a Plane on the 18th. I really shouldn't have to say anything more about that movie 'cause it'll be such a great moment. I'll save an entire entry for that movie some other day, closer to it's opening.

Then I found out that Beerfest is coming out on the 25th. For those of you not aware, it is the third Broken Lizard big screen film. And I must say, this one has a lot of potential. Specifically, more than Club Dread so I'm soooo getting my hopes up for this to be another masterpiece like Supertroopers. This'll be flippin' sweet I tells ya!

Then additionally in August there's Talledega Nights: The Tale of Ricky Bobby. I'm not very excited about this movie, I don't think it'll even come close to Anchorman, but I'll probably end up seeing it with JJ and the gang. Accepted also has potential, but not a lot. It has Lewis Black though... Then while browsing movies that are released in August, I discovered that there's a Dead or Alive movie coming out. So maybe a guys night out may be in order...

So, that's it for this entry. Peace out ya'll.

July 19, 2006 - 15:22:11
You know what more than grinds my gears? Peole who can't fucking change lanes. Seriously, in the past week I've almost been side swiped twice. And I've hardly driven this week.

The first was on the way to Rob's Thursday night. I was coming down the hill after Summit Lawn exit so of course about halfway to exit 60 (Quakertown) I make my way over from the left lane to the right lane and I end up behind a tractor trailer in the right lane, no biggy. One guy throws up his right turn signal to move into my lane when I'm right beside him. No biggy 'cause I'm going faster so I pass him. Then about 1/8 mile before the exit lane starts a guy in the adjacent lane also through up his turn signal and starts moving... when our cars overlap eachother for about 2 feet. I swerve over, hit my brakes a bit, and wail on my horn and he gets the hint. Of course by then I slowed down so then he passes ahead of me... jerkass.

The second time was just now, on Tilghman. I'm making the left off of Centronia to go West and there's a guy in a red van who makes the right onto Tilghman going west too. For those of you not aware, it is briefly two lanes, but merges rather soon. So the guy behind me whips around me and squeezes in front to pass the guy in the van, who I'm gaining distance on. So I'm still going, the guy who's supposed to yield because his lane is ending (red van dude) doesn't check his blind spot when he merges over... almost into me. I swerve over into the left turn lane then swerve back into my lane when I've passed him distance wise and he got his retarded ass back over. I could really feel the car sway on that one too.

So, in short, check your god damned mirrors before your merge. And you're fucking blind spot too, assclowns.

July 13, 2006 - 10:49:27
So yeah, I'm in the middle of an extremely fun work week right now. I work every day from Saturday the 8th to, most likely, Thursday the 20th. Yipee... and that's not counting doubles on both Tuesdays and the upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So, a word to the wise, I'll probably be very grumpy this weekend :P. Now, I really had no intention of blogging about this, but I really wanted to link to this one C&H comic because of my last post about superman.
But now that I remember it, I have a fun answer to one of my questions from the other week concerning superman. Question 3 was basically asking if Superman and Birdman are related because their powers come from the same place... or so I thought. Birdman actually gets his powers from the Sun Crest, which means that not Birdman and Superman are related, but that the Sun Crest and Superman are related. Perhaps a Kyrptonian artifact? I think superman should make a camio on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law so this issue can be made apparant to everyone. Just remember, you heard it here first!

So yeah, that C&H comic.

July 02, 2006 - 01:27:04
So I just got back from seeing Superman and I must say, it was better than I expected. Then again I wasn't expecting much. X-Men 3 was still superior IMO and Spiderman 3 (trailer with Superman) looks kick ass (but too damned emo). But during the movie, while I was making smart as comments, a few good rhetorical thoughts came up, so I'm going to share them with you.
1. What would happen if superman had to bite his lip? Could he hurt himself doing so?
2. Does superman have a super liver? Or can he succumb to alchohol poisoning like the rest of us.
3. Birdman gets his power from our sun just like Superman. Perhaps they're brothers or some sort of relatives?

Hope you guys enjoy that food for thought.

Additionally, here's a fun related link, courtesy of Bobert: Superman is a Dick